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BubbleBall can be played outdoors on grass or turf fields or indoors on basketball/gym courts, turf fields, or carpeted surfaces. We will delivery and setup the equipment at a location of your choosing and can even find a venue for you.

All players should be 4'8" or taller in order to participate. There are no age requirements as long as players meet the minimum height requirements.

Rental length is dependent on the number of players, the number of bubbles, and the nature of the event. For a standard 10 bubble rental, we generally recommend renting one hour for every 15 players.


Fill out the request form on the rental page and click "Submit Request". We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the date and time you requested and answer any questions you have. You can also give us a call at 443-890-4200.

All rentals include bubble balls, netted goals, soccer balls, delivery and setup, and an onsite coordinator to provide instructions and referee games.  

Rental prices start at $240 for one hour and increase based on the number of bubbles and the length of the rental. A 3% state rental tax is applied to all rentals. Additional travel fees may apply if the travel distance is greater than 40 miles.

All FAQ's

The Basics

What is bubble soccer?

It's soccer...but with players enclosed in giant bubbles bumping, knocking, and rolling into each other. Think soccer meets bumper cars. Other games are also available, like bubble football, king of the ring, and capture the flag.

How long are games?

Standard soccer games are 5 minutes long. Depending on the customer and the size of the rental, we will play longer or create halves/quarters.

Do I have to be in shape to play?

Absolutely not. Bubble soccer is for anyone, regardless of shape or skill level. With bubbles on, everyone is on the same level.

Where do we play?

You pick the place and we come to you. We play indoors and outdoors, on soccer fields, parks, gyms, basketball courts, rec centers, schools, big backyards, etc. You will be responsible for booking your venue. If you need suggestions or ideas, we can help.

What areas do you travel to?

We serve the MD, DC, DE, and northern VA areas. If you're not sure if you're in this range, just ask. However, travel fees may apply to your rental based on the driving distance from Timonium, MD to your venue:

  • Distance < 40 miles = $0 travel fee
  • 40 miles ≤ Distance < 60 miles = $25 additional
  • 40 miles ≤ Distance < 80 miles = $50 additional
  • Further distances follow this format and may incur additional long distance fees based on the length of the rental

Refunds & Cancellations

Is there a refund policy?

All bookings require a non-refundable $120 deposit. If you pay in full, your deposit is included in your payment. You many cancel for any reason at least one week before your rental date and receive a full refund, minus your deposit and any taxes applied. If you wish to rebook, you may do so for free. If you cancel less than one week before your rental, you forfeit your payment. If you wish to rebook, you will incur an additional $150 rebooking fee.

What if there's bad weather before the rental?

We play rain or shine. In the event of hazardous weather (thunder/lightning, heavy rain, intese wind, etc.) or force majeure, we reserve the final decision in cancellation. If you decide to cancel due to weather, without our consent, you will be held to the standard refund policy. If we cancel the event due to weather or force majeure, we will strive to give you ample notification time. You may rebook your rental based on our availability for free.

What if there is bad weather during my rental?

We will assess each situation individually. Generally, we will wait a half hour to see if the conditions clear, if the venue permits. If they do not, or if the forecast isn't favorable, or if the weather renders the field unusable (too muddy), we reserve the final decision to cancel the rest of the rental. If at least 50% of the rental was performed before the delay/cancellation, no makeup date will be issued. If less than 50% of the rental was performed, a free makeup date may be booked for the remaining time. Travel fees may apply.



How much do rentals cost?

Prices vary based on length of rental, location, and other factors. Check our pricing table on the rental page or fill out our rental form or call 443-890-4200 for more information.

Do I need to provide anything?

Just the venue. We'll take care of the rest.

How many people can play?

Games are 5v5. But you can have an unlimited number of players. We've had rentals as big as 500 players.

How much space do I need?

A standard 5v5 game works great on a venue the size of a full sized basketball court.

Do I pay for your set up/clean up time?

No way. You play for the time you pay. However, we need access to your venue for a half hour before and after your rental. You are responsible for any additional venue fees for us having access during this time.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! There's a soft cushion of air between you and everything else. You don't feel a thing.

What should I wear?

  • Athletic attire and shoes (no cleats please)
  • Eye glasses are acceptable only if you are blind without them. But they may break
  • Knee pads can sometimes be a good idea on hard surfaces
  • No hats
  • No watches, jewelry, piercings, or accessories. These can rip the bubbles

Do I need to fill out a waiver?

Yes you do. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian will need to sign.

Do I need to be fit to play?

Almost everyone is completely fine in the bubble suits. People with pre-exisitng conditions such as severe claustrophobia, asthma, nausea, pregnancy, or head or heart conditions should consult their doctor before playing.

Are their height, weight, age restrictions?

There is no age restriction. Currently, we require players to be 4'8" or taller AND less than 240 lbs. This is purely for safety reasons. However, different body types outside of this range may be able to fit. Just ask us. Smaller kids may still fit but might not be able to play some of the games.

Other questions

How to Pay

What is the payment process?

After talking with us, you'll be sent to our secure online payment platform. If you are booking at least two weeks in advance of your rental date, you may choose to pay in full or pay a deposit to reserve your date. Otherwise, full payment is due upon booking. If you prefer to pay by check, we'll instruct you on how to mail it to us. Checks must clear before the rental.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is non-refundable and is $150.

I paid a deposit. When is the balance due?

Your balance will be due no later than two weeks before your rental date. If we do not receive the full payment by then, we will notify you, and you'll have one week to complete payment. If full payment is not received at least one week before your rental date, the rental will be cancelled, and the standard refund policy will apply.

Can I purchase bubble balls?

Yes you can. Shoot us an email at play@bubbleballmd.com to receive a quote.

Can I advertise or partner with BubbleBall MD?

Yes, we have numerous advertising and partnerhsip opportunities. Contact us.

Add-On Services

Is there a HD photo package?

How did know!? For $50/hr, we'll provide you with a digital HD photo album of all the laughter, fun, and hits.

What about a HD video package?

We have you covered. For $200/hr, we will shoot HD footage of your rental and edit it into a 1-3 minute video of your awesome day, complete with music.


Absolutely. Branded shirts are $10/shirt. Customized shirts with your name or logo are $20/shirt.