Flag Football's Got Nothing On Us

Who doesn’t like flag football? It’s fun showing off your inner Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, or Richard Sherman. But for us, it’s frustrating when you catch a pass to be down as soon as someone touches you or pulls a flag. It doesn’t have the element of tackling, of powering through other players, or the big hits that we all love to see. That’s why we created Bubble Football!

Bubble Football allows you to take on the role of that stout lineman, intimidating linebacker, scrambling quarterback, or power running back. We allow you to put the hits back in football, without getting hurt. Here’s how it works:

Each team designates one of their players to be the football; that’s right, to be the football. When one team is on offense, the goal of the football is to get into the end zone. Everyone else on the team needs to block for him/her. The defense aims to knock the football down or out of bounds. If they can do that, it counts as one down. The offense has two downs to get their football into the end zone.

Pretty simple huh? Ask to play Bubble Football at your next rental with us and learn how much fun safe-tackle football can be. Set up your next rental by contacting us at play@bubbleballdc.com

Jon Millhausen1 Comment