Bubble Soccer Safety vs. Other Sports

A common question we get from first time bubble ballers is “How safe is it?”. Let’s compare bubble soccer to regular sports (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.) to put it in perspective.

Conclusion: Although the whole point of bubble soccer is to hit each other, it is often times safer than playing a regular sport. The bubble protects most of your body from all sides. Only the bottom half of your legs stick out so you can run. This means no matter where you get hit, or how hard you get hit, there’s going to be a barrier of air breaking your fall. There’s no accidental elbows to the face like in basketball. No balls being rocketed at you like in baseball. No tripping or slide tackling like in soccer.  And obviously no rib-crunching hits like football.

That being said, there are injuries that occur in bubble soccer. Don’t be fooled by operators who boast that they’ve had over X amount of players and no injuries. They’re either lying about the injuries or the number of players they’ve actually had. We’ve had over 6,500 players. The most common injuries (which are few and far between) are rolled ankles from uneven ground or getting hit at an awkward angle and scraped knees from rocky or turf surfaces. In the effort of full disclosure, there have been a few more serious injuries like a sprained knee, stiff neck, bloody nose, and head abrasion. But these are extremely rare and usually occur from players not following safety instructions. In fact, less than 1% of our players have reported any kind of injury from playing. Regular sports can’t come close to this rate.

So to answer your question of “How safe is it?”, our answer is, extremely.   

Jon Millhausen2 Comments
Players run full speed, which increases risk of injury. Players run significantly slower because of the weight and restriction of the bubble suits.
Direct contact is inevitable. Direct contact is encouraged, but with protection.
Some sports use soft or hard shelled pads while others don’t have gear that protect the body at all. Almost a player’s entire body is surrounded by a cushion of air.
Playing surfaces can hurt from sliding or falling. Players don’t feel the playing surface (except for their knees when they get back up).
Blindside hitting is usually illegal. Blindside hitting is allowed. And fun.
Games are long, meaning more chances for injury. Games are generally short or have multiple breaks to allow for rest.
Games are inherently competitive. Games are inherently silly.